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About Our Maps

Standard Maps 

We have several lines of Standard Maps available for purchase, starting at $20.00.  These maps offer accurate and affordable mapping for a wide range of commonly requested areas. 

Our Standard Map collections are organized into three main categories: Outdoor Series, Marine Series, and Reference Series.

Outdoor Series

The Outdoor Series collection consists of maps of wildlife management areas (WMA's), national forests, bureau of land management (BLM) tracts, and other areas of particular interest to hunters, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. 

Available Basemaps: Color Topographic or Aerial Photograph

Click here to browse the Outdoor Series collection

Marine Series

The Marine Series collection consists of aerial photography of inland and coastal waterways with an overlay of nautical chart data to aid in navigation and avoidance of obstructions.  This series is ideal for fishing, boating, and other water-based recreational activities. 
Available Basemaps: Vector or Aerial Photograph

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Reference Series

The Reference Series collection, designed for educational use, consists of general geographic locations, such as cities, states, and counties.  These maps include relevant infrastructure information for the area (parks, streets, rail lines, and hydrology). 

Available Basemap: Vector

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Other Standard Maps
In addition to these collections,
we also offer a full line of government issued maps, such as nautical charts and USGS topographic maps. Additionally, historic maps may be available for some areas, as well as custom maps previously designed by Apex for other customers.  Please visit our Other Standard Maps page for additional information on these maps.


Custom Maps

Do you own property?  Belong to a hunting club?  Need to see contours of public lands?  A custom map can meet all of these needs and more (starting at $50.00).  Custom maps are made to your specifications; the possibilities are endless.  Please visit our Custom Maps page for additional information.

Print Media
We offer three different types of print media to suit your needs: Waterproof Outdoor paper, Gloss Photo paper, and Artist Canvas.

Waterproof Outdoor

Our outdoor paper is made of a thin polypropelene sheet.  It's tear resistant and withstands decomposition from exposure to the elements. Our pigment based ink won't bleed or rub off from water contact. 

Gloss Photo
Our gloss photo paper is perfect for presentations or wall graphics.  It’s both water and fade resistant, and is ideal for displaying maps in a professional setting.

Artist Canvas

Our artist canvas is rated to last approximately 200 years.  It's extremely durable, waterproof, and tear proof, while simultaneously soft and flexible, like cloth.  It's impressive in large format to hang on your wall, and handy in small form for folding and storing in your pocket. Please contact us for a quote if you are interested in purchasing a canvas print of your map.

Background Options 

Aerial Photography
Aerial photography captures a “snapshot” of your area of interest at a single point in time, which makes an excellent backdrop for your map.  In the past, aerial coverage for the United States was not as extensive as USGS standard topographic maps. However, USGS has recently begun utilizing infrared imagery and other sources to replace outdated topographic maps, so aerial coverage is much more extensive than in years past.

Note: Custom imagery and historical photos may be available for some areas. Please let us know if you are interested in either of these items.

Topographic Relief
Ideal for hikers and hunters, topographic relief maps accurately depict changes in elevation within an area.  Data for these backgrounds are produced from LiDAR (light detection and ranging) or the NED (National Elevation Dataset), and capture more detail than a standard topographic map.  LiDAR data is the most accurate topographic data readily available with resolution of 1 meter and vertical accuracy up to +/- 6".


A vector base map is simply comprised of lines and polygons of different colors, this background style is primarily used for street maps, highway maps, or other reference maps where the amount of information on the map requires an uncluttered background.  See our Reference Maps page for examples.