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GIS Services Pricing Guide

Level 1:  Basic GIS Services

Hourly rate: $50.00
Examples include:

* Geocoding

* Orthorectification (Georeferencing)

* General Data Interpretation
* Image Manipulation/Processing
* General Geographic Analysis

* Geodatabase Creation

Level 2:  Basic GIS Data Analysis

Hourly rate: $75.00

Examples include:

* Data Comparison

* 3-D Surface Creation

* Route Creation

* Spatial Statistics Analysis

Level 3:  Advanced GIS Data Analysis

Hourly rate: $100.00

Examples include:

* Vulnerability Analysis

* Topographic Analysis

* Flood Modeling

* Development Suitability Analysis
* HAZUS Analysis
* Analysis of WHAFIS Output
* Hydraulic Analysis
* Spatial Analysis
* On-Site GPS Referencing (Waypoint Definition)


Note: All graphics are printed on heavy coated paper.

$10.00 each (up to 36x24 size)

$20.00 each (up to 36x48 size)


Applicable hourly rate plus mileage (.50/mile)